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KGPCo Cloud Solutions accelerates KGPCo’s entry into the software portfolio of services, thereby increasing sustainable value to our customers. As the industry transitions from legacy networks to software-centric open solutions, Cloud Solutions is the catalyst for KGPCo’s move towards the new, virtualized and software-defined world. Complementing Cloud Solutions, the Solution Innovation Center (SIC) serves as a link between our customers’ transformation efforts and your technology ecosystem partners.

Cloud Solutions is strategically positioned to pull through the value and efficiency of KGPCo Product, Services, and Integration as one thread.

Cloud Solutions by KGPCo Solution Innovation Center

Solution Innovation Center


Mission Statement - To speed the process and provide flexibility with a multi-vendor ecosystem

  • Collaborative Sessions with customers and partners
  • Accelerates investment and solutions capacity while integrating industry leading products and technologies
  • Focused and open vehicle to leverage cutting edge technology from KGPCo partners
  • VPN & remote access to solution for customer and partners

    Solution Innovation Center
  • Advanced Engineering, Testing & R&D Space
  • Executive Briefing & Collaboration Center

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Solution Integration

Solution Integration

KGPCo Solution Integration Services support CSPs and Partners transition to the Virtualized world by accelerating the delivery of open & independently verified NFV/SDN solutions at scale and speed. Its mission is to provide solutions for integration readiness & screening, NFV component integration & interoperability testing, and solution functional validation.

  • Whitebox & NOS/OS Integration & Test
  • NFV Component Integration & Interop Test
  • VNF On-boarding and Optimization
  • Functional Validation & Pre Certification
  • Performance & Benchmark Testing
  • Validation and Demo / POC
  • Training & Educational Development

KGPCo can help clients along with your external partners and suppliers to manage the complexity inherent with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond including systems development, solution and platform integration, functional testing and overall program management.

Through collaborative sessions with customers & partners, we review solution definitions, requirements, and solution architecture. We integrate hardware components and software for proof of concepts, demonstrations, through to system builds to meet specific customer Cloud needs.

  • Integration, Interoperability Testing Strategy & Planning
  • Methods, Procedures, & Measures/Metrics
  • Software Ecosystem Integration (ONAP/VNF)
  • Integration Readiness Screening
  • Golden Image & Service Chain Management
  • Parallel or Offload Testing Options


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Lifecycle Management

System Integration

KGPCo helps companies organize, develop, and manage products and services at every stage along the lifecycle, from ideation to retirement as well as deal with complex issues related to the ideation, design, launch, distribution, integration, deployment and management of telco solutions.

Lifecycle Management includes catalog of best practices designed to aid in end-to-end post deployment support for the entire solution across hardware, ONIE and NOS platforms. This includes Roadmap planning , Production Issue resolution, Rollout and Change Management support through the entire life cycle.

  • Roadmap Planning
  • Solution Definition & Requirements
  • Solution Architecture
  • Vendor Ecosystem Management
  • Early Production (FOA/FFA) Issue Support
  • Production Rollout Emergency & Maintenance System Packages
  • Change Management
  • Call Center for Level 1-4 Support


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Is your network transformation 5G Ready?
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Driving Transformation
Defining and building networks that are versatile, agile, scalable and cost effective has become a primary focus for telecommunication service providers. With an influx of competition stemming from non-traditional markets, Service Providers are finding they must shift their strategy toward a software and digital architecture. The migration will provide significant cost relief while improving speed to market timelines.

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