Build Your Wireless Network With CommScope

Wireless networks never stop evolving with new frequencies, new technologies, new architectures. CommScope designs cutting-edge products to help meet customer needs. KGPCo is your single-source solution for CommScope products.

Integrated Metro Cell Solution

A simple and efficient solution combining cabinets and small monopoles for quick deployments. CommScope’s integrated Metro Cell Solution is engineered with decades of experience to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that equip your network to be a leader in the mobile age.

  • Reduces footprint
  • Factory-assembled and tested
  • Reduced lead times
  • Easier planning and deployment
  • Aboveground RF rigging
  • Integrates with radio equipment
  • SnapStak® Plus and SnapTak

    The only flexible cable management solution you need. Adjustable hangers feature an innovative flexible section that adjusts to a range of cable sizes for an incredible combination of tough and fast in one simple solution. Cut installation time by up to two-thirds and depends on legendary CommScope reliability in all conditions, backed by their 10-year warranty. KGPCo stocks adjustable hangers for cables ranging in size from 25mm to 51mm, SnapTak PIM-guard Adjustable Hangers, PIM-free Multifunction Adapters for SnapTak Hangers, PIM-free, Composite Snap-it Hanger Adapters, PIM-free isolator for SnapStak cable hangers and more.

    PIM-guard Solutions

    To guard against the effects of PIM, KGPCo offers the CommmScope PIM-guard family of products specifically designed and tested to protect your network.

    • Substitute composite for metal where possible
    • Minimum number of parts and junctions
    • Hot dipped galvanized steel for corrosion resistance
    • High contact pressure junctions
    • Rounded corners

    Rapid Fiber ™ FDT Distribution Terminal & Mini-Rapid Fiber Distribution Terminal

    CommScope’s Rapid Fiber panels offer a breakthrough way to deploy fiber performance in the data center faster, in less space and at less cost than other fiber solutions.

    The CommScope mini Rapid Fiber Distribution Terminal (RDT) is designed to provide a quick and simple solution for installing fiber in small and medium sized multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

    Benefits of RDT include:

    • Greatly reduces time to install and remove craft sensitivity
    • Removes the need for field terminations/fusion splice
    • Weatherproof housing suitable for external environmental conditions
    • East installation, requires no special tools
    • Quick service turn-up/maintenance

    HELIAX FiberFeed Solutions

    This hybrid fiber and power cabling solution incorporates a low-profile breakout terminal to reduce complexity, save tower space and accelerate deployments. A single cable provides multiple fiber and power conductors to support multiple RRUs.

    Structured Steel Solutions

    CommScope has decades of experience in the production of steel supports for the telecommunications industry. They provide unparalleled innovation, quality and support for steel solutions, customizing each project to ensure your foundation is scalable and built to last.